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Introducing the All New Model ED-520 Eddy Current Instrument

May 1, 2009 - Centurion NDT, a leading supplier of nondestructive inspection equipment, has introduced the newest version on their Model ED-520 Eddy Current Test Instrument.  The microprocessor-based instrument offers a simple pushbutton set-up to quickly inspect materials for flaws and other physical properties of most non-ferrous metals and alloys, including aluminum, copper and brass.

The operator uses a pushbutton to initialize the calibration of the instrument and is ready to scan the material under test in a matter of seconds.  The probe is then scanned over the test material.  As the probe goes over a defect, it is measured on the large meter, which this instrument is most famous for.  Size, durability and reliability make the ED-520 the choice for most airframe inspections.

The ED-520 eddy current instrument was first introduced in the marketplace over thirty years ago and quickly became the workhorse of the industry.  Over the years, the instrument has been improved and modernized as the technology changed and the marketplace demanded.  There are few in the industry that have not heard of and used the ED-520.  With its new microprocessor based circuitry, the ED-520 will easily meet the needs and requirements for many years to come.

Measuring 5" high x 9" wide x 6" deep and weighing 5.3 lb., the ED-520 is ideally suited for the most rugged environments.  Long life, rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries provide up to 10 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.  All probes are backward compatible for those who already have probes in inventory.

Centurion NDT provides a large selection of eddy current and ultrasonic inspection instruments, including flaw detectors, measurement systems and specialty probes and transducers.  The company was formed in 1992, when founder Ken Strass acquired the complete Magnflux line of ultrasonic and eddy current inspection products.  Centurion NDT offers new and replacement instruments as well as accessories for these popular and widely specified inspection systems.

For more information, contact Centurion NDT, 1400 Yorkshire Drive, Streamwood, Illinois 60107.  Telephone (630) 736-5500, fax (630) 736-5700.

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