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For Immediate Release                             Contact: LaWaune Netter
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Trade in used Visual Plus for $$ Discount on New Visual Eddy

July 10, 2014 - Centurion NDT, the manufacturer of the Visual Eddy test system, will now accept Visual Plus instruments for trade in when purchasing a new Visual Eddy instrument. These instruments employ the eddy current technique to detect fatigue cracks in high pressure aluminum cylinders.

As the legacy manufacturer of the Visual Plus instrument, Centurion NDT has been able to support these instruments with spare parts and calibration services. Many of these instruments are now more than ten years old and are increasingly less reliable and therefore more expensive to service, if at all. For a limited time, used Visual Plus instruments will be worth a $150.00 trade-in credit when purchasing a new Visual Eddy unit.

Beside the economic benefits of buying a new instrument, both units operate virtually the same., using identical probes and cables. This proven technology is the simplest and most reliable on the market today. Centurion NDT's diverse histroy in eddy current testing demonstrates it has the capabilites to provide high quality instrumentation today and meet all your requirements of tomorrow.

For more information, contact Centurion NDT, 1400 Yorkshire Drive, Streamwood, Illinois 60107. Telephone 630-736-5500, fax 630-736-5700.

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